Request to add the Azzad Funds to your 401(k) - Letter Template

8/15/2013 10:13:53 AM


Dear Benefits Director,

I would like to request that our company include the Azzad Ethical Fund (NASDAQ: ADJEX) and the Azzad Wise Capital Fund (NASDAQ: WISEX) as investment options in our 401(k) plan. These mutual funds invest in line with halal, Islamic principles, which are a requirement of my religious faith. As a Muslim, I am required to consider the social and ethical consequences of a business, not just profitability.

Halal investing, which is sometimes referred to as Islamic investing, means using money in a way that promotes sustainability and avoids harmful societal practices. Specifically, it means abstaining from companies with lines of business that run afoul of Islamic ethics, including alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pork, pornography, banking/financial services that profit from lending in interest, and weapons of mass destruction. It also means avoiding companies that have debt ratios above specific thresholds and whose income from interest exceeds a minimal amount. The Azzad Funds abide by strict criteria to make sure that these principles are followed. 

The Azzad Funds are also members of the US Forum on Sustainable and Responsible Investment. As such, they are part of a growing movement in the mutual fund industry that promotes the incorporation of social, environmental, corporate governance, and faith-based screens into an investment methodology.

Most funds labeling themselves as “socially responsible,” however, still invest in financial/insurance companies as well as companies with high debt levels. The Azzad Funds are one of the few boutique mutual fund options for American Muslims who wish to “invest with faith.”

I believe that the inclusion of the Azzad Fund’s in our plan would likely make a significant difference in the retirement that I can look forward to. Currently, none of our plan’s choices offers me an investment option that reflects my religious beliefs, preventing me from fully participating. The Azzad Funds incorporate halal investing screens into their investment process. They reflect my values and would allow me the opportunity to take advantage our company’s retirement plan.

The Funds are already available through several brokerage platforms, making it easier to add to our company’s investment options. I believe it is an obligation of our plan’s trustees to ensure that the available investment options provide for a reasonable accommodation of participants’ faith-based investment guidelines.

I am happy to provide more information, if needed. Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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