White Papers

  • Purifying Impermissible Assets
    Is the purification of impermissible assets in a savings vehicle like a 401(k) possible according to the tenets of Islamic Sacred Law? This paper outlines the steps that should be taken to embrace a Halal strategy in one’s financial affairs, including the most important step of all—repentance from the previous action.
  • Participating in an IPO
    Initial public offerings, or IPOs, are a frequent topic of conversation among Azzad clients. But is it permissible to invest one? Get the Halal perspective here.
  • Reviving the Waqf
    A waqf is an endowment created under Islamic guidelines. Learn how this product can help you leave a legacy for generations to come.
  • A Sukuk Primer
    Global Sukuk demand is expected to grow from $240 billion in 2012 to $421 billion by 2016. Learn more about Sukuk and Sukuk investing.
  • Debt and Interest—Rethinking the Pillars of Borrowing and Lending
    Azzad Asset Management actively avoids profiting from interest-based lending and from the trading of debt due to ethical and religious considerations. Learn more about the potential social harms of debt and interest and why it can make financial sense to steer clear of them.